Star Studio Volunteer Immersion Program

Service Summary & Duties: Production and promotion support for live shows/other Star Studio programming. Services needed fall into the following categories:

• Camera/Video Assistant: Run video cameras during live shows or during off-site shoots for our channel. Assist with lighting, graphics or other assigned tasks.

• Patient Phones Coordinator: Coordinate phone calls from patients during live shows.
• Timekeeper: Watch time during live shows, cue actors when it’s time to move on to next

segment, wrap up the show, etc.

• Patient/Audience Facilitator: Watch the show with live studio audience members or with patients in their rooms. Assist patients as needed with calling into the show, participating in interactive games, completing art projects, etc.

• Pre-show Patient Rounder: Invite patients and families to watch the show or help answer questions.

• Game/Art Distributor: Distribute supplies for show art projects and or games. • Prize Patrol: Deliver small, fun prizes to patients after prize-awarding shows. • Post-Show Production Assistant: Assist with posting live shows.

Time Commitment: Minimum 10/maximum 20 hours per week
Qualifications: Volunteers with an interest in video-related technology. Must be pursuing or have a degree related to video production. Volunteers interested in spending time with patients will enjoy the opportunity to share our fun programming with children, including invitations to watch the show, delivering supplies & prizes, and simply hanging out with the patients during live studio broadcasts!
Population Served: Patients, families, visitors & other special guests as needed
Learning Opportunities: Ample opportunity to learn the production and promotional process for all Star Studio programming. Ample opportunities for volunteers to learn live show production such as switching/running cameras, audio and others.


  1. Interpersonal communication skills
  2. Ability to accept and respect cultural differences
  3. Skill following instructions
  4. Skills working with children
  5. The ability to contribute to the video production process

Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to work independently
  2. Ability to move throughout the hospital independently
  3. Ability to communicate clearly to others and understand instruction

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